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The mission of the SharePoint Maturity Model (and this website) is to help you understand and improve the maturity of your SharePoint implementation.
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12/12/2011 2:53 PM

Mark Miller has pulled together The Best of End User SharePoint in book form.  O'Reilly Publications will publish EUSP's most popular articles for an upcoming book:  SharePoint 2010 at Work - Tricks, Traps, and Bold Opinions!

The book will include the following chapters:
Taming the Elusive Calculated Column-Logic by Dessie Lunsford
Charting for SharePoint by Alexander Bautz
Data View Web Part, The Basics - Add a Hyperlink by Laura Rogers
JQuery to the Rescue by Jim Bob Howard
Quote of the Day Web Part by Waldek Mastykarz
A Global Navigation Solution Across Site Collections by Peter Allen
Empower the Power User by Kerri Abraham
The SharePoint Maturity Model by Sadie Van Buren           
Unlocking the Mysteries of the Data View Web Part by Marc Anderson           
SharePoint 2010 Tab Page by Peter Allen           
Combine Documents and Website Links in One SharePoint Library by Eric Alexander

The book will be released in February 2012.  To receive a copy at a 40% discount, follow this link to the O'Reilly site to get more information, and use MILLERSP as the discount code.

9/19/2011 3:49 PM

I just received a SharePoint maturity assessment from a company in the Caribbean, putting Trinidad & Tobago on the map of ​places that have generated data from the Model. Here's a sample of the locations where the Model has been used (it is not comprehensive because many have submitted data anonymously).

Thanks to all who have sent in their assessment data!  My dream is to see this map filled with markers!


8/24/2011 11:38 AM

Hilton Gisenow interviewed me for The MOSS Show to introduce the SharePoint Maturity Model ​- you can download the podcast here.

12/12/2011 2:53 PM

SharePoint goes live today!  My thanks to:

- Mark Miller for support and resources

- Marc Anderson for custom design work

- the team at FPWeb for hosting this SharePoint 2010 site and for a really great customer service experience


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collapse Resource Type : 1. Improving SharePoint Maturity ‎(24)
Downloadable checklists for SharePoint Operations.
09 - Infrastructure & Administration
Paul shares his Collaboration model and discusses how he uses it in this 4-part series.
02 - Collaboration
Matthew provides step-by-step instructions on creating a search results page for images, with image thumbnails.
04 - Search
The SharePoint Diagnostics Studio presents server diagnostic information in a visual and structured way that enables Developers and IT Professionals to quickly diagnose and act upon intermittent performance, reliability and functionality problems in a SharePoint 2010 environment.
09 - Infrastructure & Administration
A free, downloadable 20-page paper which presents a model for measuring the health and activity of online communities.
05 - People & Communities
Platform-agnostic categories from Forrester Research.
05 - People & Communities
Technical steps to improving your SharePoint Search competency, by Torben Ellert of Surfray.
04 - Search
SharePoint Journeys - SharePoint 2010 video case studies from Microsoft
00 - All Competencies
Top SharePoint - collection of mostly public-facing sites sortable by rating.
01 - Publication
Large Pivot collection of public-facing SP sites
01 - Publication
Downloadable e-book by Ben Curry.
09 - Infrastructure & Administration
Technet resource on planning SharePoint 2010 workflows.
03 - Business Process
Presentation from Share2Squared - overview of SP 2010 and Business Connectivity Services
07 - Integration
Technet resource on incoming and outgoing email in SP 2010.
07 - Integration
Downloadable whitepaper from Microsoft
06 - Composites & Applications
Multimedia overview site from MS on Composites & Applications.  Provides additional resources.
06 - Composites & Applications
An independent online university teaching SharePoint to developers, administrators, and business users of all skill levels.
10 - Staffing & Training
AIIM report on SharePoint for ECM - free downloadable paper.
00 - All Competencies
Comprehensive listing of expected vs. not-so-expected costs of a SharePoint implementation.
00 - All Competencies
TechNet resource on planning Managed Metadata.
01 - Publication
Marcy Kellar's in-depth overview of SP 2010 MySites.
05 - People & Communities
05 - People & Communities
Step up your use of filtered views with this MS Office guide.
01 - Publication
Public-facing website for the AANA based on Fast / Ontolica, where SurfRay is the partner.
04 - Search
collapse Resource Type : 2. Great Intranets in General ‎(8)
Yearly report that showcases ten intranets (some based on SharePoint) and presents a detailed case study on each one.  Also discusses overall trends in intranet design.
Slide show compiled by the Intranet Benchmarking Forum - Shows the home pages of 9 intranets including Coke, Coffey International & Westminster Abbey
A list of over 50 intranet case studies including HSBC Brazil, Chr. Hansen A/S, IBM & COWI
Intranet Global Forum Facebook Group (you need a facebook account to access) - compiled by Toby Ward - 34 photos of intranet pages
Filterable by business need, SharePoint version, organization size, industry, etc.
Slide show compiled by the Intranet Benchmarking Forum -  includes the intranet home pages of British American Tobacco, Verizon, British Airways, AGL, Brightstar Logistics, the European Space Agency, Vodafone, Lloyds Banking Group, AT&T and many others.
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